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Sunrise - A Midsummer Night's Dream - 24th June 1989 [ White Waltham Airfield, Maidenhead, Berks. ]

This is one of the first full colour definitive rave flyers. I like the fact that there's no hype and clutter to get in the way of the subversive unwritten message, "Is it possible to enjoy taking drugs without dancing?".


The picture is mysteriously entrancing, and those big round inviting eyes promise an adventure into the realms of the unknown that is hard to resist.



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RPM Productions - Toxic Love - Just A Love Ting - 14th March 1992 [ Festival Hall, Basildon, Essex ]

I'm a sucker for fractals, and it was tempting to pick one of the beautiful high quality Pendragon flyers, or perhaps a design by artist Greg Sams. But this one won out, partly because of the event name itself, hinting at the danger of infection.


The relative simplicity of the background contrasts nicely with the sexy dancer, which though a bit ambiguous adds a touch of excitement without being too sleazy. Also, it was the favourite flyer of someone who was very close to me.



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The Gallery - Psychdelic Summers At The Gallery - 5th June 1998 [ Turnmills, Clerkenwell, London ]

The Gallery had a consistently creative series of flyers throughout the 90s, nearly all of them using the image of Dali's surreal sculpture "The Bust of a Retrospective Woman" in a variety of settings.


Here it's been cleverly combined with Martin Sharp's drawing of Bob Dylan, originally used for the cover of the October 1967 "Blowing In The Mind" issue of Oz Magazine.




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