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News 022 → House Archives

With a year and a bit of very hard work undertaken, we at are very proud to present our new adventure, the house archives.


Hosted on the same lines as our original pages, the house section will feature a host of party flyers in their entirety. From a to z, our archive is just a brief journey into the universal world of house music...


With a little bit of techno thrown in for good measure!.


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News 021 →

After a period of negotiations, we are also pleased to announce a very unique graphic partnership with Dizzy and has been steadily building it's reputation on facebook for over a year by reaching out with their rare and archived dj mixes from their vast back catalogue. have also launched a new app which has everything a raver should ever need to keep themselves in check with the latest goings on in the party scene. Now ready for use on all Apple and Android devices rave achives app has a shedload of dj mixes's, rave videos and interviews, all the flyers you could wish for, current radio streams and archived shows and podcasts, event listings, facebook and twitter integration plus the latest rave gossip and news! - the one stop rave app!.


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News 020 → Facebook

The social phenomenon that's spreading all around the planet that we all know and love as facebook has left us with a social headache in the office.


Whilst flicking through our site we noticed to our horror that we were starting to get error messages on every page. On futher examination we notice that our like links weren't working, d'oh!.


EDIT: After a night of gentle prodding we happy to announce that those error messages should have dissapeared and we are currently working to rectify the remaining pages we may have missed - thanks for your patience!.


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News 019 → Dreamscape → 20th Anniversary & Home Coming Party

"The legacy Murray has left is unmeasurable and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dreamscape, we pay tribute to the great man [ our friend ] and thank him for all those unforgettable memories".


From humble beginings - to become one of the most successful and influential rave organisations of it's time, the new incarnation of Dreamscape is returning to ESP's birth place and to The Roadmender in Northampton to pay our respects to Murray Beeston in true raving fashion.


Dreamscape - Setting the Standard from start to Finish.


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